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What does an Indian consumer want? It is a million-dollar question! What goes inside the mind of an average Indian consumer is a mystery. After intensive research of the shopping trends over the last decade, we may have deciphered the preferences of an Indian consumer.

Good Deals & Value Pricing

Quite often you turn your head around for a second glance when you see the words ‘discount’, ‘offers’, and ‘promotion’. It’s natural for a country full of value-conscious shoppers that try to get a bang for every buck. You prefer to shop from the store that offers the product you need at a lower price than others for obvious (money) reasons.

However, this doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality. There is a difference between the inexpensive option and the inferior option. The search for the cheapest option introduces the risk of ‘a sub-standard product’. In some online marketplaces, the risk is even more since you cannot be sure of the credibility of the seller. 

With GoStor.com, you get guaranteed best prices on electronics products from a trusted neighborhood store. Consumers can visit the GoStor.com partner store physically or virtually for a demo. Using our price challenge feature, they can get the best prices from a trusted seller. Whether you are shopping online or in-store, GoStor.com guarantees you value for money on its superior range of products.

Quick Delivery

You find the right product in a store, but the price doesn’t fit your budget. You browse for its prices through shopping apps while walking out of the store. You luckily find the product at a heavily discounted price, but with a week-long delivery timeline. All your excitement comes crashing down.

You are confused. What is better; rather, what is ‘less bad’? Getting your product soon by paying more, or waiting longer just to pay less. What would you choose to compromise on – price or time? 

With GoStor, you won’t have to compromise on either. Since the store servicing your requirement is in your close vicinity, you not only get the fastest delivery but also timely installation for your electronics products.

Real-time Payments

The new-age consumers have rather shorter attention spans. They hate to wait. The payment modes of the last decade are not quick anymore. Faster payments are being preferred everywhere. Don’t you agree? When was the last time you purchased anything using a card? When was the last time you waited for an OTP? You are accustomed to the smarter payments now.

With Gostor, you can buy any electronics items offline or online using smart payments. Besides this, you can also avail instant cardless EMI for your purchases.


Better Alternatives

We, the Indian consumers always prefer to be spoilt for choice. Whether it is different colors or better variants, newer models, or upgrades, we want it, or at least want to explore more. We take our time to glance through all the available options, visit multiple stores, and browse through shopping apps before settling on one product.

With the largest range of electronics items available to offer, GoStor addresses this Indian need and makes sure that we get all the options, variants, upgrades, and colors under one roof, through one platform, both offline and online.

The Trust Factor

Online shopping is convenient. There’s no doubt about that! But it has some limitations as well. It misses the factor of trust. There is an unspoken uncertainty revolving around the authenticity of the seller and the quality of the product.

You feel that the pictures of the product are just not enough.

GoStor puts all these uncertainties to rest as you get to visit the store, meet the seller in real-time digitally or physically and get your queries addressed promptly. This transparency helps in building a trusting relationship between you and the seller. You can not only connect with them directly for any support about the product but also reach out to them in case of any issues with the product in the future.


In a nutshell, an Indian consumer wants a simple and convenient shopping experience where we seek value for money, consultative buying experience, backed with exceptional after-sales service from a trusted retailer. 

Did we get it all right or did we miss anything? Please write to us in the comments section below.