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Semi-Automatic Washing Machine VS Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

A washing machine is all about its operation. And based on operation, there are only two types of them precisely. A semi-automatic machine and a fully automatic machine. Let’s see which one is better than the other.

Wash programs

As compared to a semi-automatic model’s 2 wash programs which are gentle wash for light loads and normal wash for medium to heavy loads, a fully automatic washing machine lets you choose from a large number of programs. With a fully automatic machine, you can select the program according to the load of clothes, type of clothes, and the kind of wash you require.


A big difference between a semi and a fully automatic machine is the number of tubs. A semi-automatic model has two separate tubs, one for the wash and the other for drying. Whereas a fully automatic washing machine has only one tub for both washing and drying.

Manual effort

We just discussed the tubs of the two types of washing machines. And the important thing to note here is that a semi-automatic washing machine requires your efforts from beginning to end. From filling water to transferring clothes to the dryer after washing, it all has to be done manually. But a fully automatic model does it all for you without asking you to put in your efforts at any time during the entire wash cycle.

Wash quality

When it comes to washing quality, an automatic washing machine takes a comprehensive win over the semi-automatic one. With more wash programs and thorough cleaning, a fully automatic model delivers a better quality wash.

Continuous water requirement

One of the factors where a semi-automatic washing machine takes the lead over a fully automatic one is the water requirement. Once you fill the tub for washing, a semi-automatic one does not require any more water for washing, but a fully automatic one requires a continuous water intake throughout the cycle.

Spin cycle speed

The spin-speed of a semi-automatic model (>1000 rpm) is way more than a fully automatic one. The front-load model however catches up to the spin speed of a semi-automatic one, but a top load definitely falls short. This helps it dry the clothes faster than any other model. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a semi-automatic model is the fastest when it comes to drying clothes.

Total Water requirement

As we discussed, a semi-automatic washing machine does not require a continuous water supply, it uses less water than a fully automatic washing machine.

Can add clothes during the ongoing cycle

You just realized that you missed putting a pillow cover for the wash and the washing process is already underway. Well, worry not, you can put in more clothes after the cycle has started with a semi-automatic washing machine. You can do the same with a top-load fully automatic model as well. But not with the front-load model.

Water temperature control

One of the best features of fully automatic washing machines, especially the front-load model is that it provides a hot wash. This can be extremely useful during the winters and for heavily soiled clothes. Although, there are very few top-load models that come with this feature. But you can find many front-load models with a hot wash and an inbuilt-heater.

Chances of electric shock

Safety is always important. Especially when you are dealing with a large electronics appliance. Washing clothes in a washing machine is generally safe, but due to old or faulty electrical connections sometimes there are chances of electric shock in a machine. A fully-automatic model, may it be front or top-load reduce those chances and give you a safe experience.


One of the fields where a semi-automatic machine wins easily is the cost.

Type of Washing Machine Price Range
Semi-Automatic Rs.6,000 – Rs.12,000
Top Load Fully-Automatic Rs.9,000 – Rs.36,000
Front Load Fully-Automatic Rs.20,000 – Rs.80,000

A semi-automatic machine is a low-maintenance model. Although its size is bigger than any fully automatic machine, it’s light in weight and can be moved easily. Also, it is easier to clean and maintain.

It always boils down to an individual’s preference when choosing a product, but having a good understanding of all the available options is also beneficial. 

So, which one do you think won this battle? Write to us in the comments section below.