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Online VS Offline Shopping

The battle of the century is here. In one corner we have the evergreen, always reliable offline shopping and in the other corner it’s the epitome of convenience and the reigning champion: online shopping. Who’s gonna win this one? Let’s tune in to find out!

Round #1: Price

Online shopping enters the first round with a profound ferocity. A short-arm jab of competitive pricing backed with multiple hooks of bank offers, and the final uppercut of the ongoing deals wins this round comprehensively for online shopping. Offline stood no chance.

Winner: Online Shopping

Round #2: Convenience


With one round already in the bag, online shopping doesn’t look to give away the lead that easily. With the convenience of shopping from anywhere, any time, easy classification of the products with filters based on type, price, color, and multiple other factors, the reigning champ wins two rounds in a row.

Winner: Online Shopping

Round #3: Reliability

Offline shopping is watchful. A slight hesitation and a pinch of doubt around the credibility of online sellers creates a wiggle room for offline shopping and it doesn’t miss the chance to capitalize on it to strike its first blow of the match. Bam, the third round goes to offline shopping.

Winner: Offline Shopping


Offline has no answer to the multiple blows from online in the form of UPI, credit and debit card payments, no cost EMIs, and pay on delivery. It succumbs to the brutal strikes. This round belongs to the online, undoubtedly.

Winner: Online Shopping

Round #5: OPTIONS

The fight seems one-sided now as the efforts from offline don’t amount to much as compared to the unlimited options available online. Another easy win and another round won by online shopping thoroughly. No mercy shown throughout the round. It’s 4-to-1 to online shopping now. Can offline find a way back into the match?

Winner: Online Shopping

Round #6: Time consumed

Rapid moves from offline right from ordering to packing, from delivering to installing really took the wind out of online’s sail (and sales). Offline does a nimble sprint and pounces on the online to procure this round while online is still packing (a punch?). A rather quick end to this round. 

Winner: Offline Shopping

Round #7: Assistance

Offline carries on with its form from the previous round and looks to secure another one with prompt assistance at every step of the shopping journey. Online shopping is still trying to understand the questions thrown at it as the chatbot is no match to the manual support given in offline shopping.

Winner: Offline Shopping

Round #8: Better deals

Online comes with the answer to last round’s humiliation with power-packed sales of the season and end-of-season. Just when we thought it would not be enough, here comes the ‘deal of the day’ and it saves the day for online shopping. Bell rings. The round goes to online shopping.

Winner: Online Shopping

Round #9: Quality

Offline started this round with an upper hand on the basis of utmost trust on product quality. Online couldn’t see what hit it. Tough competition from online as it tries to stay in the fight with hundreds of seller reviews, but the credi(t)ibility goes to offline.

Winner: Offline Shopping

Round #10: Touch-and-feel

Repeated blows from offline sees online gasping for air. The referee steps in to check if the blows were too hard for online shopping to take. Online shopping fails to strike a chord with its customers as its punch(lin)es do not connect at all. Offline gets closer to another win as it touches its customer right in the feels.

Winner: Offline Shopping

Round #11: Bargaining

No room for negotiation in online shopping, no room for it to fight back. Plenty of space to bargain in offline helps it finally take a lead over its fierce opponent. Offline shopping is writing the comeback story for the ages after losing 4 of the first 5 rounds.

Winner: Offline Shopping

Round #12: Availability

Online shopping was saving the best for the last. The final punch of a 24-hour availability proves to have better timing over a hit-and-a-miss of offline stores. Time runs out for offline shopping as it shuts shops as the contest and the evening come to a close.

Winner: Online Shopping

Both the participants gave it all to the game. 6-to-6 ends this much-awaited fight in a tie. It might be a draw, but there still is one clear winner, and IT IS YOU! You win the best of both worlds courtesy of GoStor. GoStor is a phygital electronics platform that takes the better of both offline and online experience and offers a shopping experience like no other.

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You can choose to visit the physical store or do the entire shopping right from your home through your smartphone and pay via smart payment modes. To top it all, GoStor also promises to match, and even offer a better deal in case you find a lower price for your product elsewhere.

The battle of offline and online sees the emergence of a force to be reckoned with, and it’s set to change the entirety of the shopping experience. Be a part of this change at https://www.gostor.com/