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Microwave Buying Guide

The microwave oven is the kitchen essential that would grill, bake, roast, and how can we forget, reheat the food for you. A microwave takes up very little space in your kitchen, but plays a huge role in your everyday life.

Invented by accident in 1945, this small kitchen appliance is proving to be one of the most wonderful accidents of all time. But to make sure you don’t choose the wrong option by accident, you need to be very careful during the selection process.

Types of Microwave ovens

Three major microwave ovens are Solo, Grill, and Convection.

Solo Microwave

A solo microwave oven is a basic model that you can buy if you don’t require complex cooking. It is ideal for steaming vegetables, and reheating or defrosting food. It’s among the most inexpensive options available in the market.

Grill Microwave

A grill microwave gives an additional feature of grilling vegetables and meat apart from all the standard features a solo microwave provides. It also allows you to use the grill and the oven separately as well as together.

Convection Oven

A convection oven is a model that uses a fan and a heating element to evenly cook and grill the food. It is ideal for baking bread, roasting meat and other foods, and cooking a number of meals. If you desire to make pizza at home, this is the model you need to go with.

Let’s look at what the different models can do, so you can choose the one according to your needs.

Type of Requirement Solo Microwave Grill Microwave Convection Microwave
Reheat Yes Yes Yes
Defrost Yes Yes Yes
Grill No Yes Yes
Roast No Yes Yes
Bake No Yes Yes
Make Pizza No No Yes

The price of a microwave oven depends on the type and capacity. The capacity depends upon your family size and cooking requirements. Let’s take a look at the price ranges of different models:

Microwave Type Family Size Ideal Capacity Price Range
Solo Microwave Couples; Nuclear Families 15-20 Liters Rs.5,000 – Rs.7,500
Solo Microwave Joint Families 25-30 Liters Up to Rs.8,000
Grill Microwave Couples; Nuclear Families 21-30 Liters Rs.7,000 – Rs.10,000
Grill Microwave Joint Families >32 Liters Rs.12,000 – Rs.18,000
Convection Microwave Couples; Nuclear Families 21-30 Liters Rs.7,000 – Rs.10,000
Convection Microwave Joint Families >32 Liters Rs.12,000 – Rs.18,000
Control Panel

Since now you understand the various types and what they have to offer, let’s take a look at the control panel of your microwave and its features to help you narrow down the search for your ideal model.

Control Panel Type Features
Mechanical Control Panel Easy to use, can handle rough usage, long-lasting
Feather Touch Control Panel Easy to use, aesthetic design, present in high-end models
Tact Dial-Type Control Panel Can handle rough usage, present in low-end models
Features of a Microwave

The absolute cooking appliance has these absolute must-haves:

  • Auto cook menu that automatically sets the time and power once you select the dish you want to prepare.
  • Defrost function to unfreeze your food easily.
  • Preheat feature to set a temperature before cooking specific recipes.
  • A timer button to time your cooking program.
  • A child lock.

This all-rounder of a kitchen appliance is used all ’round the year and thus is prone to electrical and mechanical wear and tear. Although the manufacturer’s warranty covers this, it’s recommended that you opt for extended warranty plans with the microwave model.