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How to care for your washing machine

When it comes to large appliances, the washing machine is one such appliance that requires a lot of thought before purchase. Customers usually research a lot to find the best washing machine that matches their needs. What most of you don’t know is that for the washing machine to last longer, a lot depends on how it is being maintained and used during the course of its life. Usually, because of improper usage, the life of your washing machines gets drastically reduced and it doesn’t survive for long.

This is why we bring to you some simple yet effective tips on how to take care of your washing machines, which can ensure you get the maximum life out of your appliance. 

Daily washing machine care tips:

Do not overload the washing machine: 

Overloading your washing machine with too many clothes is straightaway a crime! While we understand the hurry of getting chores done quickly, stuffing too many clothes at one go can drastically reduce its life. If you have many members in your family or have to get large laundries done, opt for a washing machine that has a larger load capacity.

So our first washing machine care tip is to avoid dumping too many clothes at once. Instead, opt to do your laundry in batches. This will reduce the pressure on your washing machine, and let it run smoothly for longer durations of time.

Check for coins, keys, or other objects before washing clothes:

It may sound like a small deal, but when coins or other metal objects get stuck in the washing machine, it calls for a disaster. Not only will it reduce the life of the washing machine, but it can even cause your machine to break down. Do a quick check for any small metal items before loading your clothes to avoid getting them stuck in the washer. It will help avoid damages to both your washing machine and your clothes.

Do not leave wet clothes/ or water in the washing machine for too long:

Sometimes we might forget to take our clothes out when the machine is done washing. However, if we keep the clothes in for too long, the water can seep in and the machine can get damaged internally. 

Keeping wet clothes in for too long will also leave behind a mushy smell in your washer, which will be difficult to remove and might stay on your next batch of clothes. Thus, it is best if you remove your clothes as soon as the washing is done. Similarly, avoid using your washing machine to soak your clothes. Instead, opt to soak it in buckets and then transfer it to the machine when you are ready to start the wash cycle.

Use detergent liquid rather than detergent powder: 

Indian households tend to use powdered detergent instead of liquid detergent in their washing machine.  However, it is better to use liquid detergent since they are meant to be used here. There are higher chances that powdered detergent will leave back residue, more than liquid detergents. This switch from powder to liquid can actually help to increase the overall life span of your machine.

Choose the right amount of detergent:

We have this notion that adding too much detergent during one wash will clean the clothes better. However, that is not the case! Adding too much detergent doesn’t guarantee that your clothes will be cleaned better. Rather it can cause damage to your machine due to excess detergent deposits.

Try to follow the instructions given on your machine that clearly explain how much detergent needs to be used for a particular quantity of clothes. This way you can avoid unnecessary damage to your washing machine

Clean the lint filter after every wash:

Usually, after every wash, the lint from your clothes gets collected in your lint filter. This mechanism is there to avoid lint deposits in your machine. However, if this filter is not cleaned regularly, the filter will be overloaded and lint won’t be deposited in it anymore.

This is why cleaning your lint is important. If you don’t know where your lint filter is located, you can find it in your washing machine guide. Usually, depending on your machine, the lint collector may be located in the agitator tube, which is in the center column of most machines, or near the top of the washtub. Try to keep it clean to help your washer run efficiently.

Clean both the interiors and exteriors of the washing machine:

While it may sound like nothing, keeping your washing machine clean can go a long way. Ensure that there are no dust deposits or any water splashes on your machine. Also, clean and wipe the interiors of your machine after every use. This increases the longevity of your appliance.

Don’t place your washing machine in the bathroom:

Even if you have lots of space to accommodate a washing machine in your bathroom, electrical appliances tend to wear out faster in damp areas. Also, there is always the fear of water spilling and damaging it. It is best to keep the machine away from such wet areas and keep them safely in the dry corners of your house.

Select the right cycle time:

If you have a small load of clothes, it’s better to opt for a quick wash option that lasts for 15 to 20 minutes rather than a full cycle that goes on for 45 minutes. This will not only help save energy but will also reduce the wear and tear of your machine.

Avoid using hard water:

While most cities do not supply hard water to our homes, if you do get a supply of hard water, make sure that it is not added directly to your washing machine. The salts and minerals in hard water can easily damage your machine, and it will result in reducing the life of your machine a lot. Also, hard water prevents the foaming of detergent, and thus your clothes will not get washed properly. In case there is no other option available, we recommend you use a water softener to convert your hard water to soft water.


When you invest in a good washing machine, it becomes important that you care for it too. By following the above-mentioned simple tips, you can ensure that you do your best to keep your washing machine alive for as long as possible. These are very easy to follow by anyone and everyone. So make sure you follow these tips and keep using your washing machine alive and thriving for a very long period of time!