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Best AC cooling tips for your home

After a long hot day when you come back home, you switch on your AC hoping it would help you cool down quickly. But your AC takes forever to cool, and by that time you have to get on with your household chores. I’m sure a lot of you have experienced something similar, and wish for the AC to cool faster! This is why we are bringing you this quick article on how you can ensure your ACs cool faster and better. So let’s look at the top 7tips on making your ac cool faster.

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Tips to help your AC cool better:

1. Keep the fans on:

We tend to have this notion that keeping fans off helps cool the room faster when the AC is on. However, that’s not how it works. Keeping the fans off can actually reduce the speed of cooling rather than increase it. If you really want to increase the speed of cooling, make sure that the fans are kept on at medium speed while the AC is running. This will spread the cool air faster throughout the room, and also reach parts of the room where the AC would not be able to reach.

2. Keep your AC at the right temperature:

When the weather is too hot, or we want cooling to be done faster; we tend to decrease the temperature to the lowest. thinking that it would cool faster. However, that is usually not the case. Even if you fix the temperature at 18 degrees, the AC has the function to bring the room temperature up to a certain limit. After that, it just utilizes energy to bring it to the desired temperature, but it doesn’t lead to a cooler room. This is why you should try to keep your ACs at a fixed temperature that will not consume too much energy. Keeping your AC in the range of 22-25 degrees Celsius would achieve the right cooling for your room.

3. Close all doors and windows:

Whenever you switch on your AC, remember to close all doors and windows. This will ensure that the air doesn’t escape. Also if you keep all vents open, the air conditioner will keep working to bring the temperature down. But since new air would keep circulating, it would just increase its loads and you might end up with a high electricity bill but no cool air.

4. Keep the curtains and blinds closed:

Another one of our best ac cooling tips is to keep the curtains and blinds closed. Sometimes even if you keep the windows closed, the direct sun that hits your room can keep warming the room and nullify the effect of the air conditioner. To prevent this, try to keep the curtains closed if possible. This also saves energy being spent by the ACs since to cool a warmer room will require more power from the AC than a room temperature room.

5. Check for ice on the compressor:

If there is ice forming on your air conditioner exterior, it means that there is something wrong with your AC. It can be either due to a leak in the coolant line of your compressor or because of a damaged coil. Either way, get your AC checked ASAP since your AC will not function properly and if you keep using it may cause permanent damage.

6. Seal any Exposed Ducts:

Check for any ducts that are left open or which might be a cause of air leakage. This might also result in less cooling of your rooms. You can either fix it on your own with insulating material or call a professional to take care of the ducts.

7. Change/Clean AC filters regularly:

This is the most fundamental and crucial step to maintaining your AC. Changing the filters routinely will ensure constant airflow as well as sufficient cooling of your room. If you keep the filters dirty, you will notice that the AC takes way too long to cool. At the same time, the quality of the air will also go down, and it might lead to cough and allergies. Hence, make sure that every 2 months you contact air conditioning services to come and clean the filters and keep the machine running efficiently.


Along with the simple tips mentioned above, we recommend that you routinely get your AC services from professionals. This will not only help to increase the coolness but also help increase the life of your air conditioner. Regular maintenance can help to save money as well as reduce the chances of any defects developing in your AC unit.

We hope that you found these best ac cooling tips helpful, and will help you keep your system running well and increase the cooling capacity of your Air conditioners.